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UT Tower and campus image credit: Earl McGehee, CC-BY, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejmc/7452145850

  • Using Medial Surfaces to Produce Graded Voronoi Cell Infill Structures for 3D Printed Objects 

    Williams, T.; Storti, D.; Ganter, M. (University of Texas at Austin, 2021)
    Many methods of additive manufacturing rely on infill structures to decrease part mass and print time. However, standard infill patterns generally use a uniform density or require time-consuming analysis to generate a ...
  • Numerical Predictions of Bottom Layer Stability in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing 

    Mollah, Tusher; Comminal, Raphaël; Serdeczny, Marcin P.; Pederson, David B.; Spangenberg, Jon (University of Texas at Austin, 2021)
    Robocasting and 3D concrete printing are technologies that belong under the umbrella term material extrusion additive manufacturing. These two free form fabrication methods are used to produce 3D structures/components ...
  • Discrete Element Modeling of Fused Deposition Modeling Process 

    Menezes, C.; Turner, C. (University of Texas at Austin, 2021)
    Fused Deposition Modeling components show anisotropic material properties as a result of the difference in bonding strengths between inter- and intra-layer particles. This difference occurs due to temperature gradient ...
  • Experiment Based Superposition Thermal Modeling of Laser Powder Bed Fusion 

    Lough, Cody S.; Landers, Robert G.; Bristow, Douglas A.; Drallmeier, James A.; Brown, Ben; Kinzel, Edward C. (University of Texas at Austin, 2021)
    This paper evaluates experiment-based superposition thermal modeling for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) with a pulsed laser. An analytical pulsed laser thermal model establishes the modeling procedure. The framework ...
  • Thermal Modeling of Fiber Optic Embedment in Metal Additive Manufacturing 

    Snider, Elias; Gegel, Michelle; Holguin, Ryan; Dominguez, Cesar; Bernardin, John; Bristow, Douglas; Landers, Robert (University of Texas at Austin, 2021)
    Optical fibers are useful in many sensing applications, including temperature and radiation sensing as well as distributed strain measurements. These optical fibers may be consolidated within an additive manufacturing ...

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