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UT Tower and campus image credit: Earl McGehee, CC-BY, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejmc/7452145850

  • Deep learning for medical imaging in developing nations 

    Nimo, Charles (2023-05-01)
    Deep learning research and innovation have primarily been focused on high- income countries with abundant imaging data, IT infrastructures, local equipment, and clinical expertise. While the application of Deep Learning ...
  • Communicating U.S. Latine Activism 

    Wintermeier, Trent (2023-05-12)
    This exhibition examines how U.S. Latine activists employ three communication techniques–sound bites, hooking, and flagging–throughout multiple media to connect civil, labor, and LGBTQ+ movements from 1965 to 2003.
  • AI-in-the-loop human interventions for homelessness resource allocation 

    Nigam, Ishan (2023-04-21)
    Rapid improvements in real-world AI systems have created opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource allocation decisions. The use of AI in public resource allocation is promising in its ...
  • Multi-task learning for hate speech detection 

    Lee, Sooyong; 0000-0002-4093-6546 (2023-04-21)
    Amidst the proliferation of social media and the accompanying explosion of information and content generation, the amount of online hate speech has grown rapidly. In efforts to build and train hate speech detection models ...
  • Directly optimizing evaluation metrics to improve text to motion 

    Wang, Yili; 0009-0009-0011-2380 (2023-04-21)
    There is a long-existing discrepancy between training and testing process of most generative models including both text-to-text models like machine translation (MT), and multi-modal models like image captioning and ...

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